How to Use Student Loans to Pay for a Dissertation Tutor

Did you know that you can use your student loans to pay for a dissertation tutor to help with writing your dissertation or thesis? That’s right! You can visit the Federal Student Aid Center or talk with your local university financial aid counselor who can advise you on the types of loans you can use for additional funds like a tutor.

Typically you can borrow only up to the school’s cost of attendance, minus any financial aid, so the remainder would be allowed to be kept and allocated for books, living expenses, or a dissertation tutor! According to the Federal Student Aid website, a graduate student may apply for $138,500, with a maximum of $65,500 being subsidized loans. They also state that “The graduate aggregate limit includes all federal loans received for undergraduate study.”

Again, please make sure to reach out to your local school financial aid counselor as often times they are a great resource.