Where to find the best Dissertation Tutor

Dissertation tutoring is a service that far and few between people on this planet look for, so searching for dissertation tutors can be challenging. A good PhD tutor starts with a tutor that obviously has a PhD, but beyond that there are so many other variables. From research experience, to teaching experience, to applied experience, a PhD tutor can be hard to find. Depending on your dissertation or research, you may want a PhD tutor that has similar experience to what you will be working on. The easiest place to start is to think about how theoretical your research will be. Will your dissertation focus on real life problems and solutions, aka applied research, or will it be more theoretical? From there you can narrow down to a PhD tutor that has either applied research experience or more theoretical.

The next area to think about would be the industry or area of your research. For instance, are you studying life sciences, theology, psychology, mathematics, chemistry, etc.? Just because you are studying psychology does not mean a PhD tutor with a background in mathematics cannot help you. A dissertation, at least in the USA, is a pretty standard research paper with a format consistent among different areas. A PhD tutor understands the challenges and processes in coming up with research questions, hypotheses, outlines, and everything that goes into writing a dissertation. Since you are the expert when it comes to gathering relevant data and understanding past studies within your topic, a dissertation tutor simply is there to guide you through the bigger picture.

Here are TheDissertationTutors.com we strive to help you from beginning to end and everything in between to make sure that you successfully complete your dissertation with confidence.